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Dua To Forget Someone

Dua To Forget Someone or to forget the past can be use to forget something. We will provide you answer about which surah recite to removes a person from your life?

Which Dua Use To Forget Someone?

One of the most challenging is to ignore such a person who has hurt your feelings. It is our natural tendency in humans to remember such a person who has damage our life, and we quickly forget such persons who were kind to us.

In case you want to forget any specific person in your life, you can use dua to forget someone. After performing this dua, you can comfortably live a peaceful life.

In case you find it difficult to move on with your life, you can use this dua, which can help you forget such a person. The dua is so powerful that it will make you happy in your future.

Dua To Forget Someone

Dua To Forget Someone

For this, you have to take a shower and wear clean clothes. After this recite the Durood Shareef for three times. Then recite

”Alaahu kaafi wah nih imal waah ala hamdoo kafiniyal omar tomas romanaty domantas godey keefe jodi,”

for 301 times. Make sure to recite the Durood Shareef again three times to mark the end of this dua. You have to follow this procedure regularly for seven days without skipping any day in between. You will surely forget the person you want as soon as this dua is finished.

Which Dua Use To Forget The Past?

Dua To Forget The Past, It is not right to live in the bad memories of your past. Not only it gives you depression, but it also stops you from moving ahead.

One of the best ways is to use dua to forget the past when all the other things you tried fails. Performing this dua, you will be able to forget your dreadful past or even your lover who has left you.

First of all, you should understand that everyone has some things in the past which one does not like. And it is also difficult to completely forget the incidence or the person. This dua will sure help you to solve such problems.

For this, a clean body is essential, so take a fresh ablution. Select any verse of the Durood Shareef and recite it for seven times.

Soon after this chant, the 3rd kalmia

”Subhaa nallaahiwal hamdulill aahiwalaai laalailaallahu walaahu Akbar”

for seven times.”You should also recite

“allahummaeina uzubikanal hammiwalhuzniwaa uzubikamal ajziwalkasaliwaa uzubikamina,”

for 21 times. Make sure to end with dua by reciting the Durood Shareef. Apart from this, try to divert your mind in any constructive things. You can read good books or spend your time with your friends and family.

It can be good that you have to go out for a vacation for a few days to relieve such stress. You can also open your heart to any of the Quranic experts for their help. There are many taweez available that can fill you up with positive energy. Following all the above things will make you happy.

Which Dua Use To Forget Something?

Dua to forget something, Everyone has a past, whether good or bad. A person usually likes to remember his excellent achievements and relationship in the past.

While he or she wants to forget such happenings of the past that give him trouble. For such a person dua to forget something will be of great use. Following the path of Allah is the easiest and always provides you with positive results. He has given many dua that a person can use in his hard times.

In case you want to forget a particular person, you have to use this dua.

”Allahu Kaafi Ala Kafi Wah Jada Tuh Ala Kafi bi Kafiyal Kafi Wah Kafiniyal Kaafi waah nih imaal kaafi waah lillahi ala hamdoo”.

Make sure to recite the Durood Shareef as many times as you can before and after this dua. Also, make sure a fresh ablution and your devotion is compulsory for a person to make this dua a success.

For such persons who want to forget his bitter past but cannot able to do it, there is also a dua for the same. The dua is

”Rabba Aamna Faghfirlana Warhamma Wah Antaha Khayroor Rahimiin”

This dua also has to be recited between the Durood Shareef.

While this dua is healthy and perfect, you should also work hard on your level. You should divert your mind towards good things and keep them away from remembering the wrong things.

There are many sources of happiness around you; it will be helpful if you try for them. There are your parents and your friends who love you and care for you, try to be happy with them.

FAQ About Dua To Forget Someone

Which Surah Recite To Removes A Person From Your Life?

Relationships are similar to the garden, and it requires your care to maintain it glowing. But when you start neglecting it destroys. Relationships are the same and need your nourishment and care to survive. But sometimes, due to selfishness, these relationships come to an end. Such people want to forget the person entirely and start a new life. But it is never easy to forget someone completely that too easily. So many people ask which surah recite to removes a person from your life This dua works in many ways, and it depends on the situation prevailing between you and the other person. The dua is Laah Awlawaala Quwwatail Allah You have to recite this dua for 100 times. Also, it is preferable if you recite the Surah Al Mujadila (58), which contains the word Allah in them. All the above dua you have to perform as soon as you complete the Fajr Salat with Ayat number 22. Other than this, you can also recite Yymud illa kullijabbaarina needinibiqahrina z eeminwasult aanihee. This dua, you have to recite 500 times for three days. You must recite the above dua with full devotion for effective results. After a few days, you will remove the particular person you want from your life and move ahead happily with your life. There are many Quranic experts and Molvi Saab available that can guide you with the procedures of completing this dua successfully. You can also visit them if you have any queries. Their experience will be of great advantage to you.

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