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Dua To Melt Someone Heart

Dua To Melt Someone Heart or to melt husband’s heart can be use to melt parents heart. Use our dua to soften his heart.

Which Dua Use To Melt Someone Heart?

The one thing that everyone wants is to be loved and respected. When that does not happen, it can be very unsettling. It can also have long term repercussions on your emotional health.

Hence, reading a dua to melt someone heart so that the other person loves and respects you is perfectly alright. With Allah’s blessings, you will see that someone’s heart has softened towards you.

Dua To Melt Someone Heart

Dua To Melt Someone Heart

There are some simple Duas to melt someone heart, and anyone can do it. When done with pure intentions, this Dua will change how a person perceives you, and you will make a special place in their heart.

  • First, make sure you perform ablution
  • Then, sit down in prayer and read the Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Next, recite the Ya Waliyo 500 times
  • After that, make a Dua to Allah to melt the person’s heart towards you.
  • Then, again read the Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Keep on doing this till you see that the person has softened towards you.

There is another Dua to melt someone’s heart, and it is quite straightforward.

  • First, take a ritualistic shower
  • Then, perform your regular Isha namaz
  • After that, imagine the face of the person who you want to love you back
  • Then, start reciting the Durood Shareef and do so for 11 times
  • Next, pray to Allah to make that person love you and do so for 41 times
  • Again, recite the Durood Shareef for 11 times

This is sure to bring about positive changes if done with a pure heart. However, a menstruating woman should not do it.

Which Dua Use To Melt Husband’s Heart?

Dua To Melt Husband’s Heart, There can be nothing more distressing for the wife if the husband does not love her or give her adequate attention. And if the wife is not happy, then it affects the peace and happiness of the entire family. There is a way to make a Dua to Allah for this:

  • First, make sure you have performed ablution
  • Then, pray both the Nafil prayer
  • Alongside, make sure you carry out the five-time daily namaz
  • After that, for 100 times, recite the hasban Allahu wa ni mal wakeel
  • After that, recite the Durood- e- Tunjeena 40 times without stopping
  • Then, offer your supplication to Allah and ask for His blessings so that your husband loves you

Do this for seven days, and your husband will soften towards you. Another dua is also effective in softening the husband’s heart towards the wife

  • First, perform Wuzu properly
  • Find a quiet and peaceful place in the house
  • Then read the following dua for exactly 303 times:

Ya Wadudu Ya Raufu Ya Raheem

Think about your husband while making the prayer and you will notice a change in him

Another very simple Dua is for the wife to recite:

  • She should recite Ya Wadudu for 1000 times throughout the day.
  • Then she should blow on her hand.
  • Next, she should place her hand on some sweets.
  • Then the couple should eat the sweets together
  • The husband will start loving the wife again.

Which Dua Use To Melt Parent’s Heart?

Dua To Melt Parent’s Heart, No matter what you do in life, if your parents are not happy with you, then you can never find true happiness. Yet, there are times when our parents are angry with us. At such times, reading a dua to melt their hearts can work wonders.

  • First, perform ablution and wear clean clothes.
  • Then, sit in a quiet corner
  • After that, recite Ya Allahu, Ya Fattahu for 303 times without stopping
  • Think of your parents while reciting the dua

You are sure to see positive results after doing this for 11 days. Another way to make the dua to soften your parents is to recite lahawla wala quwata illa billahil aliyil azeem for 100 times.

  • Again, you should try to write down the verse number 131,132 of the Surah Talah in the Arabic language. Make sure you write it twice, on two different papers.
  • Immerse one of the papers in a glass of water.
  • Then, ask for Allah’s blessings
  • Drink the entire glass of water
  • Wrap up the other paper in white cloth and keep it is a safe and clean place in your room.

You have to do this dua only once, and then you will see a great change in your parents in just a few days. Another way to soften the heart of parents is by doing a special Dua.

  • Start your day with ablution
  • Then recite the Durood Shareef for seven times
  • Next, repeat this prayer for 786 times without stopping

Innaal Laazeeena Amanu Wa Amiluus Salihati Ulaa, Alkuhum Khairaul Barriya

Keep doing this, and you will see positive changes.

Which Dua Use To Soften His Heart?

Dua To Soften His Heart, You can recite dua to soften anyone’s heart towards you.

  • First, make ablution
  • Then, recite the Durood Shareef 15 times
  • After that, recite the name Ya Azeezu for 100 times
  • Then, again recite the Durood Shareef for 15 times
  • All the while, think of the person whose heart you want to soften.

You will soon see positive results. Another dua can be done, which will show results in just 15 days.

  • First, make ablution and wear clean garments
  • Then, recite Dar adal illal la 21 times with a lot of devotion
  • After, that repeat Allah’s name for 100 times
  • Think about the person whose heart you want to change and ask for Allah’s help in doing so.

You will see good results soon. With the dua to melt someone heart, you will be able to ensure that you have a blessed and peaceful life.

A life where people are rude to you or where people are angry with you is not something to be proud of or happy about. But with purity in your heart and Allah’s love, you will be able to soften people’s hearts.

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