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How To Find Out Who Did Sihr on You?

How To Find Out Who Did Sihr on You or to find hidden sihr in house can be use to get rid of eaten sihr. Solve problems like how to remove sihr of separation?

Many hidden enemies around us are not happy with our success or the harmony we enjoy in our domestic life. They are jealous of us, and this is why they try to Sihr on you, which is a kind of black magic.

How To Find Out Who Did Sihr on You

How To Find Out Who Did Sihr on You

With that, you will suddenly see the people around you, or a specific person, like your spouse, has stopped loving you. Their attitude would have undergone a drastic change. With this, you will know how to find out who did Sihr on you:

If you think that someone has done Sihr on you, then you should be careful and stay away from the hidden enemy. But to do that, you have to recognize him or her first. This will help you:

  • First, wake up for Tahajjud namaz
  • Pray to Allah to forgive all your sins
  • Keep praying, even if it takes weeks and months
  • Then, you will start seeing faces in your dreams
  • After that, do not take any immediate action
  • Wait for the faces to reappear
  • Then, if you see then reappearing in your dreams, chances are they are the ones who did Sihr on you.
  • Then, you will see details like where the Sihr is placed in your house
  • After that, keep praying to Allah to help you destroy the Sihr
  • Recite the Ayat-ul-Kursi to make your prayer stronger
  • When you see the person face to face, blow on him or her to destroy the evil eye
  • You can also burn the Sihr by reciting Allahu-Akbar every day and blowing on the spot where you have seen the Sihr placed in your dreams.

How To Find Hidden Sihr In House?

How To Find Hidden Sihr In House? You will start feeling sick when someone does Sihr on you. The person you love will stop talking to you. You will have headaches and fever and severe stomach problems.

The ambiance in the house will change, and everyone will seem unhappy. If you suspect anyone has hidden Sihr in the house, then you can find it by following this method:

  • Wake up in the morning and do Wuzu and do that as many times as you can throughout the day
  • During the azaan, try to be silent and concentrate
  • Before starting your day, recite any Ayat or Surah which you know well
  • Then, keep repeating Allah’s name
  • Next, recite the Durood Shareef as many times as possible
  • After that, recite the Surah-e-Rahman. You should recite this constantly for as long as it takes.
  • Even if it takes seven months to find out where the Sihr is, keep reciting the Surah- E- Rahman
  • Then, repeat the words of Ayat-ul-Kursi

Do not be impatient. You might feel you are not getting any results. But, you will suddenly get a feeling where the Sihr is in your house, or you will see it in your dreams.

How To Get Rid of Eaten Sihr?

How To Get Rid of Eaten Sihr? If someone fed you Sihr to harm, you would feel great discomfort. You will have bad breath and gum problems.

You will experience severe stomach ache, chest pain, and feel like vomiting all the time. The person will have constipation, and you will lose your appetite. In such cases, you have to get rid of eaten Sihr.

  • First, take a glass of water.
  • Then recite the following ayat into it three times:

Bismillah urqeek, min kulli shay in yu dheek, wa min sharri kulli nafsin aw ‘aynin hasidin Allah yashfeek, bismillah urqeek

  • Next, you should also recite Qul Huwa Allah Ahad
  • After that, you should recite al-Mu’awwadhatayn.
  • Then, the person who has eaten the Sihr should drink the water

You can do this more than once till the discomfort is completely gone. There is another method to get rid of eaten Sihr

  • The person should take seven green lote leaves
  • Then, he should grind the leaves properly
  • Next, put the paste into the water
  • Then, you should recite an Ayat in praise of God like Ayat ul Kursi
  • After that, recite Surah al Fatiha
  • Then, drink the water

You will find your discomfort reducing, and the Sihr will be gone

How To Remove Sihr of Separation?

How To Remove Sihr of Separation? If you think someone has planted the Sihr of separation, then there are ways of treating this problem and removing the Sihr. This is what you can do:

  • If you find out where the Sihr is kept at your house or what it is, then burn it immediately.
  • Read from the Quran every day and recite the five times Namaz without fail
  • Then, read the following Ayat and Surah whenever you can to maintain good vibes in the house:
  • Read the Surat- al Araf
  • Then, follow it up with Surat Yunoos
  • Then, you can read the Surat Ta-Ha
  • After that, read the Surat Al Kafirun
  • Then, you can read the Surat al Ikhlas
  • Always pray for the health and happiness of your family to Allah
  • You can also recite the following Dua every morning and evening:

Allahumma Rabb al-Nas, adhhib al-bas washfi, anta al-Shafiy, la shifa a illa shifa uka, shifa an la yughadiru saqaman

  • This means you are asking Allah to heal your home and look after the wellbeing of the family members.

When you read the Dua, make sure that you always wear clean clothes and take a proper shower. You should also do good deeds and lead a simple and pious life because people who live honest lives are the least vulnerable to the evil eye, because evil cannot touch good people easily.

Now that you know how to find out who did Sihr on you, then you are in a better position to maintain the happiness of your family. Beware of your enemies, do not eat or drink anything given by strangers or people you do not trust, and always try to create good vibes in the house. This way, you will keep away the evil eye.

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