Wazifa To Make Wife Obedient 5/5 (3)

Wazifa To Make Wife Obedient

Wazifa To Make Wife Obedient or to get my wife back home can be use for wife to love her husband. We will provide you wazifa for angry wife. More than a relationship, a husband and wife share a bond that is holy and pure.  Marriage makes true and holy the bond between a man and a woman. The wife and husband relationship has to be treated equally. In a marriage, the husband expects his wife’s love and care. But you also expect much respect and obedience, most notably.

She should listen, admire, obey and respect him. It hurts a fair bit if you don’t respect your husband. Due to this, the husband will encounter disrespect and upset, and it is indeed devastating. But wazifa will overcome this dilemma to make wife obedient. It’s an effective and powerful way to make spells of enchantment.

Wazifa To Make Wife Obedient

Wazifa To Make Wife Obedient

Those Wazifas performed for an obedient wife. This wazifa is Allah’s strong and magic gift to deal with, fight and resolve all difficulties in the right way. If you see your wife being disrespectful to you and not loving, you can keep her by reciting the best Wazifa. This magically operates for those spiritual powers that generate in their hearts a wave of compassion such that they can never want to refuse your command or your promises. Your wife completely changes as per your wish.

It’s unfortunate if your wife has a liking over someone else and loses all of her interest in you. However, if you want to save your relationship and give your wife another opportunity, you can also use this waifa to make your wife obey only your words and be for you.

  • Methods to perform
  • Make fresh ablution
  • Now recite durood e Ebrahim for 11 times
  • Then now for 40 times recite “Laa Hawla Wa-laa Quwwata Billaah”
  • Now for 3125 times, read ‘Al Mutakabir.’
  • Take a sweet made of milk and blow on it.
  • Now first you must at the sweet then give the same piece to your wife.
  • Now you can see her changes in behavior in just one week.

Wazifa For Wife To Love Her Husband

Wazifa For Wife To Love Her Husband, A family usually has disagreements. Husband and wife must follow the path of life side by side. They must do it with proper understanding and adjustment. To do this. Peace resides in the family only then. Homemakers are women. Otherwise, the position of harmony will never be the same.

Due to many misunderstandings and conflicts between her mother in law. or by other family members, there may be fights between you and your wife. Due to this, she would have lost interest in you or doesn’t love you. To make her love you back, you can do this Wazifa for the wife to love her husband technique.

  • Make fresh wuzu
  • Surah Faatir #35 Ayat #22 of the Quran-e-Kareem has to be read in odd numbers of 3, 5, and 7.
  • Recite Surah Muzammil for a total of 41 times.
  • Take two rose petal
  • Write her name and your name on it
  • Grind the petal and mix it with a drink and give it to your wife.

Never miss out even a single Namaz. And this process has to be followed for 21 days without even skipping one day. Then only the process happens in changing your wife’s mind. While doing this, have full trust in Allah and think that he will change your life and make a better one. You can see the changes in the wife even while doing this procedure.

Wazifa To Get My Wife Back Home

Wazifa To Get My Wife Back Home, If your wife wants to spend more time with you, you don’t show love or appreciation for her because of work problems and other obligations. Due to this, she has lost hope in you and has left you to live with her parents? Don’t worry, here is a powerful Wazifa to get my wife back home.

Do remember that your partner is your home’s supporter and always your better half.  She is the one who is controlling and worrying for your home. However, if you did not live up to your wife’s expectations as a husband, she feels like she has been fooled and betrayed and left for her parent’s house. If you have any problem in your marriage life then use Husband Wife Problem Solution By Dua.

By doing this wazifa, she will come again to you if your wife leaves you in frustration. She’s going to give you another opportunity to be careful and handle her with care and love. Wazifa will create a miraculous influence on your wife to return to her home. It rejuvenates in her heart your love and the thought about you, and it melts entirely. You will earn your wife’s affection once again with the aid of the wazifa.

  • Start by saying Darood Shareef for 11 times.
  • aujubillahai Minasha Shaitan Ir Rajem Bismillah Ir Rahaman Ir Raheem recite for 411 times
  • then take small amount of palm sugar and a lemon.
  • Hold them both in your hands. Leamon in left hand and palm sugar in right hand and close your hand.
  • Recite “Khiaras Jina minoh aazi abbi fihan famuz himfa yasiro kuloona waz jaminalina farih zamina jannatin mino nakhio heelin wa anabin waq faijin arinaa fihaa minazi l-ayuni liyazi kuliza midoh tharis ma” for 49 times.
  • After that, pray to Allah your wish has to be fulfilled, and your wife must return to you
  • Now make juice for the lemon and mix the palm sugar.
  • And drink the juice as thinking that you two have joined together as lemon and sugar.
  • Do this for three weeks.

Wazifa For Angry Wife

Wazifa For Angry Wife, Marital life is just the coordination of two persons. Hence the fights, not understanding your wife and not spending enough time with her make her get irritated. which results that she becomes angry on you. to solve this issue, do the Wazifa to make wife obedient

  • Sit on a mat
  • Light up an incense
  • Recite “ ya Ayyuhul Lazeena Amanu Bisaabri Wassalatti Innalaaha ma sabrina” for 1090 times
  • For 42 days, your wife will change automatically and start to lose her anger over you and love you back as before.

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