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Dua To Heal Broken Heart

Dua To Heal Broken Heart or to fix broken relationship can be use to fix broken marriage. Use our dua to make relationship work.

How Can I Make My Broken Hart Heal Faster?

Life is a combination of all shades of colors- happiness, sadness, nostalgia, emotions, heartbreak, etc. However, heartbreak is the darkest color of life. It gives the ultimate pain, which destroys your health, wealth, and mental status. Moreover, everything seems to be imperfect.

Dua To Heal Broken Heart

Dua To Heal Broken Heart

Failure is the ultimate reason for a shattered heart. Thus, failing to achieve professional goals or loss in love and personal life leads to an emotional breakdown. The best medicine for healing the broken heart is hope, and Dua is the ultimate path of reaching towards hope. You can also learn How To Make Wazifa To Make Someone Fall In Love?

One should read the Quran, recite wazifa to make dua to Allah for fixing a shattered heart. The Quran has solutions to all problems. Accordingly, it contains Dua for broken relationships, broken marriages, or dua to make relationships work. 

Dua to heal broken heart 


The inner sufferings of a broken heart need unseen internal medicine. The holy book Quran has particular medication in the form of dua to heal a broken heart. Hence, make the heart to heart connection to Allah with all purity. Subsequently, Almighty understands all your pains. Just make your prayer to him by keeping him in your heart:

Recite this verse by remembering Allah. For better results, keep faith in him that he will heal your broken heart’s inner wounds. The holy book Quran has all the paths to reach almighty for making your dua. In brief, God will pay the reward if you recite this verse with all dedication and positivity.

There is nothing which Allah can’t fix. Even if you have committed a sin and accept it by reciting verse with all honesty, you will have forgiveness. Therefore, prayers are the best way to remain away from pain and sins. The Quran’s verses help one to go closer to almighty and feel his presence always in life.

Dua To Fix A Broken Relationship

Dua To Fix A Broken Relationship, If you have a person in your life to whom you miss each second of your life. As a result, you can’t imagine your life without him/her; then In Shah Allah, you are in True Love. Many times the relationship gets imbalanced by its track, and the bond breaks down. You can fix a broken relationship using Wazifa For Relationship Problems.

If you are missing your partner, no matter whose mistake was and you want your partner back. Then use the powerful verse of the Quran as dua for having your partner back in your life. No matter what kind of relationship in which you are facing problems. The relationship may be with spouse, friends, lovers, parents, or anyone, dua fixes everything. The powerful verse used as dua to fix a broken relationship is:

“Sall Yaa Rasulluu ahiraa soola bi haqqi ishhrabiyaa maaleekii youmiddeenn maa arhiimu arrahmeenn.”

One should follow the systematic way to perform this dua to fix broken relationships

  • Recite this verse in the form of dua after fajr or isha prayer.
  • Feel and recite this prayer 101 times with Durood-e-Shareef 3 times before and after for twenty-one days continuously. You will feel its impact in your life.
  • After the completion of 21 days, if you do not receive the result, repeat the same process for the next 21 days.
  • After this, you have to blow the dua on a sweet dish and give it to the person.
  • While reciting this verse, your heart should be pure with all positive thoughts.
  • In Sha Allah, Almighty will accept the dua to fix broken relationships.

Dua To Fix A Broken Marriage

Dua To Fix A Broken Marriage, A marriage bond is a bond that is delicate as a mirror. One should handle it with utmost care. If you are the person who is facing problems in your marriage life, then dua has all solutions. The holy Quran has powerful dua to fix a broken marriage. Performing this dua will make your bond strong with your spouse. The bond will be more profound and robust as before that no one can break it. Another powerful dua to fix a brolen marriage is Dua For Marriage Reconciliation.

Subhan Allah,  Alhamdulillah,  Allah Hu Akbar!!!

If your spouse is not providing you love and respect, then perform dua to Almighty. No matter if your partner wants to terminate the relationship, the Quran has all solutions. The holy book Quran’s verses have all answers for all questions. Just perform those particular verses for making Almighty accept your dua to fix a broken marriage.

The steps to perform the powerful dua to fix broken marriages are:

  • The first and foremost thing to do is wake up at midnight and shower as a sign of purity.
  • Then perform wudu, and go to the place where the environment is peaceful.
  • Then take Massallaa and then begin to pray Tahajjud Salaah. After completing this, recite Subhan Allah 33 times.
  • Likewise, recite Alhamdulillah for 33 times and Allah Hu Akbar for 34 times.
  • In Shah Allah, your dedication will impress Almighty. Allah will change your stressful marriage relation into a happily married life.
  • Your distances will vanish, and you will get united as never before, profoundly in love with each other. Ameen!

Dua To Make Relationship Work

Dua To Make Relationship Work, Dua plays an essential part in keeping the relationship healthy. In comparison to other relations, the Husband and Wife have the most delicate and delightful connection. Lots of dua is needed to make relationships work.

With time some relationships get weak and lose their charm. To maintain that charm, one has to put all the dedication in that relationship. Dua is the main element for raising hope for making the relationship work. malt someone heart to make relationship work you can use Dua To Melt Someone Heart.

Misunderstandings are the enemy of healthy relationships. As a result, it destroys the bonds and vanishes all good memories. Such as, to gain the same charm and dedication back in the relationship, one should perform this dua to make the relationship work:

“Qul in kuntum tuh ‘ibboonallaaha fattabi-o’onee yeh bibkumullaahu wa yaghfir lakum d’unoobakum wallaahu ghafooruru rah’em”

The precious steps one should follow while performing this dua to make relationship work are:

  • Begin reciting this dua from Wednesday.
  • Avoid wearing black dresses while performing dua.
  • Recite Surah Fatiha for seven times.
  • After that, repeat durood sharif for seven times.
  • Then read the main dua to make the relationship work 11 times.
  • After performing all the duas, give two almonds to eat to the person you performed dua to make the relationship work.


In conclusion, the Almighty is always there for those who are in pain or trouble. The Holy Book Quran contains all the powerful verses by which one can connect to Allah. Including your answers to all questions are there in the Quran. Lastly, Dua is the best medicine for healing all kinds of heartbreaks. Have faith in almighty, and keep practicing these verses in your dua to fix broken relationships and broken marriages.

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