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Wazifa To Break Marriage

Wazifa To Break Marriage or dua to cancel marriage can be use to stop someone marriage. get answer about your problems like how to break boyfriend marriage in Islam?

Which Wazifa Use To Break Marriage?

Breaking someone’s marriage is wrong. But at times, things can be so bad in a relationship that it is better to break it. In such times wazifa to break marriage can be useful.

Wazifa To Break Marriage

Wazifa To Break Marriage

This wazifa can do many impossible things. For example, it can help you get rid of an acidic relationship. Or it can help you to end a bitter relationship mutually.

When you are doing the wazifa to break a marriage, make sure that you follow some rules. First of all, you must not have bad intentions. Secondly, the relationship must be genuinely bitter. Lastly, you must not be cheating on your partner. Have faith in the power of Allah.

Now let us see the process for wazifa to break a marriage. Firstly, get up early in the morning and have your bath. Next, do your namaz. Secondly, say the wazifa that will help you end the marriage. This is as follows:

Qull-lla Yastawii Uul khabeesuu

Waa Uutt-ttaiibu Waa Lauu Aa-ajabaka

Kasraatuu Alkhabiisii Fa Utt-ttaquu

Uullaha Ya Uullii Uullal Baabii La Allakum


Finally, remember that you must continue this process daily until you get results. There are a couple of things that you need to remember. First, make sure that you pronounce the words correctly. Secondly, make sure that you say the dua at the same time every day, and you must say it in a clean place.

Which Dua Use To Cancel Marriage?

Dua To Cancel Marriage, You are engaged to someone. But after the engagement, you realize that the person is not right for you. In that case, it is best to say the dua to cancel marriage. This dua can be helpful in many ways. First, it can help to break the engagement. Or it can also help to cancel the marriage at the last minute.

Next, let us see which is the dua to cancel marriage. First of all, there are some rules. First, you can do the wazifa at any time in the day. Secondly, make sure that every day the wazifa is done at the same time. Now let us see the process.

So, here is the procedure for the dua to cancel marriage. Firstly, clean yourself by having a bath. Next, sit in a clean place. Secondly, recite Durood Sharif. This, you must say seven times.

Next, tell the dua Yaa Allahuu Yaa Rahmanuu Yaa Rahimuu. This you must recite 1000 times. After this, you have to recite the Durood Sharif. Finally, pray to Allah to help you to cancel the marriage.

But make sure that the dua is not used for wrong reasons. That is, you must not use it for illegal purposes. Make sure that you are not canceling the marriage because you have an illicit relationship with someone else. Remember that the Almighty will never help you with the wrong things.

Which Dua Use To Stop Someone Marriage?

Dua To Stop Someone Marriage, When two people are in love with each other, and they are getting married, then that is the best thing. But if you know that one partner is not loyal, then you must stop that marriage. For this, you must use dua to end someone’s marriage. This dua can cancel a marriage. For example, it can help to cancel the marriage at the last minute.

But keep in mind specific rules before you use the dua to stop someone’s marriage. Firstly, you must not be trying to separate a couple who genuinely love each other. Secondly, you must not have evil thoughts in your mind. Finally, you must have complete faith in the power of Almighty. Remember that if you use it for the wrong things, then the dua will not work. It will backfire on you. Your life will become hell.

Now let us see the process for the dua to stop someone’s marriage. Firstly, do your morning namaz. Now take little salt in your hands. Next, recite Durood Sharif. This you must recite 11 times. After this, recite Surah Labah. This recites 11 times. Next, again say Durood Sharif 11 times. Finally, blow on the salt.

When you blow on the salt, you have to say the names of both the people. Finally, pray to the almighty to break the marriage. Remember that you have to do this process for 21 days consecutively. Only then you will get success.

FAQ About Wazifa To Break Marriage

How To Break Boyfriend Marriage In Islam?

Your boyfriend may be marrying someone else. You love him a lot, and he also loves you. But he may be taking this decision because of family pressure. In that case, you will wonder how to break boyfriend marriage in Islam? There is a process for this. But there are some rules. Firstly, it is essential that your boyfriend also loves you. Secondly, you must not have ill intentions. Next, we will answer the question of how to break boyfriend marriage in Islam. First of all, do 5 Salahs in a day. Remember that this is the most important step. If you miss this, then you’re then the dua will not work. Next, you have to say the dua. This is Allahhumma Allif Baiynaa Qulubiinnn Waa Asleehhh Zaataaa Bainiinn Wahdeenaaa Subuulaa Assalaam Waa Najjeenaa Minazzulumaatii ilannoor. Finally, pray to the Almighty that the boyfriend’s marriage will break. Now that you know how to break boyfriend marriage in Islam, try it. But even after doing this dua, you are not getting results, and then you must contact molviji. First, find the best molviji. Next, tell him about your problem. Give him your and your boyfriend’s birth details Molviji will check the details and will give you the solution. But keep in mind that you must not cheat molviji. That is, you must tell all the facts to him. Remember that molviji has the power to check who is lying. If you are lying, then he will never help you. But, if your problem is genuine, then he will go out of the way to help you. When you are doing the dua, have positivity in your mind. Next, have faith in Islam. Finally, I always pray for good things.

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