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Wazifa To Make Boy Agree For Marriage

Wazifa To Make Boy Agree For Marriage or for love marriage to agree boy parents can be use to make him marry you. We will provide you islamic way to make someone love you.

How Can I Convince My Boyfriend For Love Mrriage By Wazifa?

Wazifa can help you to make you change your lover’s mind. Recite Wazifa for love marriage to agree to boy parents, and he slowly starts to understand your idea and happily leads Nikah according to your choice. It gives a good feeling in the person’s mind to whom we want to change and marry yourself.

Deny of a lover from a love marriage is a very common problem for everyone; however, today, people consider marriage a major responsibility. Thus, it would be best to use the Wazifa to make your lover feel assured that he is ready to get married.

Wazifa To Make Boy Agree For Marriage

Wazifa To Make Boy Agree For Marriage

We face conflicts in some circumstances in our lives, and that affects our lives as well. Marriage may be one of the key issues of controversy. Yeah, today want to pursue their lives and develop a successful career rather than marry early. In most cases, parents do not approve and want to marry their sons and daughters as soon as possible to make it easier for them to settle down. Therefore, parents are at odds with the kid.

Waa As Leeh Leeefee Zuree Yateekh Inni Tubtu Ilayka Waainni Meenaal Musleemeen.

So, it is easier to leave all to Allah’s will instead of claims. Wazifa to make boy agree to the marriage. Because the only dua to consent to marriage will support you in this situation. This dual of making others consent to marriage will help you change your child’s mind without disagreements and quarrels and get him close to marriage.

Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Boy Parents

Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Boy Parents, Wazifa is only a prayer that we are asking for Allah to forgive us. It also helps us fix our issues. It is the most powerful prayer that will satisfy all our wishes. This dua or wazifa should be performed with a pure heart and with positive intentions. Allah Almighty will help him or her, and it is not going to hurt anyone. If your and your lover parents are not agree for love marriage then use our Dua For Parents To Accept Love Marriage.

You can easily solve your dilemma with the aid of the right wazifa for love marriage to agree boy parents. They would support your marriage. As parents of our genuine God, a person can achieve success and happiness in his life because of his blessings on earth.

The way to encourage parents to marry in love

  • After performing Voodoo or ablution With clean water a
  • Open the Quran and recite Surah Yaseen 3 times and pray this wazifa to encourage your parents to marry love.
  • For 303 times, YA ALLAHU YA FATTAHU.
  • Pray, then, to Allah that your dilemma will be solved.
  • This Wazifa should be performed consistently with absolute devotion for 11 days, and the outcome should be seen by yourself.
  • This strong wazifa will work to persuade your parents to achieve the desired outcome. And all of your life’s challenges seem to decrease, and your dream of getting married is fulfilled.

Islamic Way To Make Someone Love You 

Islamic Way To Make Someone Love You, Islam is a loving and peaceful faith. The Holy Quran, therefore, is filled with scriptures and Dua to solve all sorts of problems. It promotes love. It also explores in detail ways of winning the affection of someone you think might be your partner. There are so many Dua In Love with You in Islam.

Every once in a while, it is natural to crush someone. Yet you know it in your heart when you find true love. So, You do find this Islamic way to make someone love you. Some people leave you spellbound and eager to be there. During this dua, remember that this dua works slowly.

To perform the dua, take the step of making the dua correctly.

  • You should first refresh and clean yourself before reciting the dua.
  • Be in an ablution state
  • Put 11 recitals before the recitation of Durood Shareef
  • Enchanting 1000 times “Allah Hus Samad”
  • Durood Shareef was again read 11 times after he recited the dua
  • Think of the individual at the end and pray to Allah that He will develop love inside the heart.
  • In 21 days, you can pursue this phase with your entire heart. If you go all the way, then without a doubt, Allah Almighty Insha Allah will give you your prayer.

Wazifa To Make Him Marry You

Wazifa To Make Him Marry You, If you love someone and want to marry him and want them to feel the same way about you, try Wazifa to make him marry you. Yeah, you could support this powerful and extremely strong wazifa for marrying someone at your door; Ameen, you have always wanted to get married.

Wazifa to make him marry you

  • First and foremost, ensure your regular namaz is performed.
  • Now build new or wudu ablution again
  • Now take a glass of water and put it before you
  • Tell the boy you love seven times on a piece of paper
  • Place underneath the glass
  • Now tell this 453 times “zaa la raa tey Allah Bismillah Turk amen walaa dul Raheem karameen”
  • Take a Surah verse and pray five times.
  • Finish with Shareef 6 Martaba recitation
  • Take water and drink it slowly in remembrance of Allah Tallah
  • Take this piece of paper and put it under your pillow.
  • To see the results, do so daily for three weeks.


To love someone or make someone fall in love with you is not in Islam Haram until you do so for marriage purposes. If you find that your most caring person has no feelings for you, there’s nothing but to try your best to get the Dua in love with you in all the pureness of your heart.

If you love this person with all your heart and want to live with him until your last breath, then there is no sin inside this wish. Dua isn’t just a few words row. This is the way to offer prayer to the all-powerful. When you recite the dua, if you make it wrong, it will adversely affect you. Therefore, you must pray for the dua with some precautions.

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